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Auchengray and Tarbrax

The maps and pictures relate to Tarbrax and Auchengray . The maps cover the period 1596 when Timothy Pont’s Map was done till Thomson’s map of Lanarkshire in 1832. The pictures are of postcards of the beginning of the 20th century and many of the features shown on the old post cards can be readily identified today.

Pont's map of Lanarkshire 1596

 This map and all the other maps used in this article have been reproduced courtsey of the National Library of Scotland .

Blaeu's Map of Clydesdale 1654

The next map is Thomson’s map of 1832 and this is very useful for finding the older farms in the area of Tarbrax and Auchengray.
 Underneath are two early twentieth century postcards of Auchengray. Looking at the oldest                Ordnance Survey sheets will reveal that the school was not in its prsent position but at the east end  of the village. The building at the the right hand side of both pictures was used as a joiner’s workshopbut this was not so at the time the photographs were taken for the cards .

View of old Auchengray


Colour picture of Auchengray c.1905

 Underneath is a Google Map and if one looks at the area to the south east of the farm , it may be that there is an interesting archaeological site on Mr Dick’s farm. However this would need to be confirmed by fieldwalking as it may very well be a natural feature .


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  1. Thanks for this little insight. Took my wife to Scotland after 40 years to see the area and was very sad. Nice to see a bit of history.

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