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The Biggar Story

  In the reforms and improvements of the 19th century, Biggar was one of only two burghs in Clydesdale to embrace the Police Act of 1863 and keep the status which it had enjoyed since 1451.   The shape of Biggar is still very much that of a medieval burgh although the bulk of the houses in the High Street are Victorian, many are the work of the self taught architect and engineer John l. Murray, a... read more


According to local legend, William Wallace dressed as a pedlar in order to pass a guarded crossing (‘Cadger’s Brig’) and spy on the English Army camp  before the ‘Battle of Biggar’. However, there is no evidence that there was anything other than a ford here, and  the Battle of Rosslyn happened at the same date (questioning the plausibility of the tale).Human activity dates back to 14500 BC in... read more

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