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THE PARISH OF CARLUKE By the Rev.J. Ramsay Thomson, B.D., Ph.d., Minister

THE PARISH OF CARLUKE By the Rev.J. Ramsay Thomson, B.D., Ph.d., Minister The Physical Background.   Carluke is an agricultural parish, stretching from the banks of the Clyde to the lower uplands of Lanarkshire, where the moor takes possession.  The village carrying the parish name has developed from a mere handful of houses two hundred years ago to a small town of over 7,000 inhabitants today.  It is... read more

Postal History of Carluke

  The Postal History of Carluke : by Brian Dow CARLUKE At the start of the 19th century Carluke parish had a population of 1,756 and by 1831 this population had risen to 3,288. The town (population of 1,800) had several regular streets lit by gas from a gasworks erected in 1835. The Carluke district was found to be rich in coal, ironstone and limestone such that the Shotts Iron Company built extensive... read more

Carluke Postcard

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Carluke Map

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Mayfield Brickworks – Carluke

The photos were taken earlier on in February 2012  of the Mayfield Brickworks in Carluke. This brickworks was one of then last brickworks to make hand made bricks in Scotland . Another point of interest  about the bricks was that they were frost resistant . Much of the history and indeed archives of the brickworks has ended up with the Glasgow Industrial Society.  The brickworks were in production from... read more

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