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Carnwath & District Old Photos

Carnwath & District old Photos – please click the above link to download the Powerpoint Slide Show.. Note: you will need Microsoft Powerpoint or Click here to download FREE Power Point... read more

Auchengray and Tarbrax

The maps and pictures relate to Tarbrax and Auchengray . The maps cover the period 1596 when Timothy Pont’s Map was done till Thomson’s map of Lanarkshire in 1832. The pictures are of postcards of the beginning of the 20th century and many of the features shown on the old post cards can be readily identified today.  This map and all the other maps used in this article have been reproduced... read more


Tarbrax Unable to contact Google API service.   This village was formerly known as Torbrecks on the old maps such as Pont’s map of 1596 but it only really grew as a result of the nearby shale mines. The shale was cracked to make paraffin and the red by product was left behind in the form of tips which are a distinctive feature of the village. Most of the houses were built in the late nineteenth... read more

The Carnwath Story

Carnwath has an interesting history going back to the Medieval period when the motte was built by the Sommerville family who came to the area in the twelfth century. This still exists today as a feature in Carnwath Golf course – note this can be seen on the Google map . It is the finest motte in South Lanarkshire and there is a traditional that the earth making up the motte was piled up against a... read more


Little is known of Wallace’s biographer, Gray, but the general view is that he came from Libberton. This could explain the detailed knowledge of the local area contained in Blind Harry’s account of William Wallace; only someone hailing from the area would have been in possession of such detailed knowledge. Nothing is to be seen of the old church, which would have been known to Wallace. Locallegend has... read more

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