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Carstairs Junction

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Old Photos Of Carstairs

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Carstairs Castle

Recently a number of people have been undergoing training as part of an introduction to understanding the use of the Resistivity meter. The Resistivity meter is used to try and locate remains under the ground. This is done by measuring the resistance to sending a signal  into the ground, if there is a wall then the resistance will show up dark black and less resistance if there is a pit. With the kind... read more

The Carstairs Story

  In late April 2004 I visited the interior of Carstairs parish church for the very first time. Previously I had not been able to get in and this was an opportunity to follow up something that I had read in McCallum’s Clydesdale. This book which was written in 1924, is a mine of useful information and a special chapter is devoted to Carstairs. In his book he describes how he found several gravestones... read more


The site of Robert Wishart, the Bishop of Glasgow’s, castle is on the current Columbie Farm (north-north-east of Carstairs Village). In the Roman era, a military encampment was located close by at Castledykes (near Ravenstruther), with a marching camp in the grounds of Monteith House, Carstairs. Walter the Steward was granted lands here. Anglo-Norman skilled workers were brought to work on the estate,... read more

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