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Castledykes Roman Fort

The area surrounding Castledykes Roman fort is historically one of the most interesting in the whole of Scotland. This is despite the fact that very little can be seen above ground. However the story of the fort and its surroundings is beginning to emerge after almost two thousand years. This has happened as a result of academic research, fieldwalking, resistivity surveys, excavation and aerial... read more

Castleledykes Roman Fort – Field Walk

Sunday 6th January. This is a personal posting of my first field walk using a metal detector in Castlesdykes with Ed Archer and Nisbet Laurie – he who who unearthed the oldest Roman coin ever found in Lanark. Nothing so special was found this time around but interesting none the less. The area of my investigation is just a ploughed field today, but with a great history: Castledykes Roman fort site... read more

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