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Lesmahagow Missal

One of Scotland’s greatest Medieaval treasures is the Lesmahagow Missal which was written c.1240 and is reputed to have come from the Tironesian Priory of St Machutius in Lesmahagow . The story is that it was taken from the Priory by John of Eltham , brother of Edward III in 1336 after he had sacked the priory. The event is referred to William of Wyntoun in his chronicle of Scottish History . The ... read more


  This town’s name comes from the church founded by the Celtic monk followers of St Machutius (the latin name for this building being Ecclesia Machuti, it was mangled by mouth into the current Lesmahagow over many years). David I established a Tironensian Priory here in 1144, this was sacked in the reign of Edward III by John of Eltham. During this raid a number of items were stolen including a... read more

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