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William Wallace Booklet

Click to view entire booklet on-line as PDF or download for a Kindle:  William-Wallace-in-Lanark – PDF William-Wallace-in-Lanark – Mobi Android users can get a free Kindle app for their phone... read more

Napoleonic War and Lanark

Napoleonic War and Lanark In the year 1815 Scotland was playing post to a considerable number of French prisoners of war. Lanark & Biggar were two places where French prisoners ended up. Some of these ended up in a fair degree of luxury. These were the officers and some of them were lodged in the Clydesdale Inn – then known as the Clydesdale hotel. The Archaeological Society did find one relic of... read more

War Memories of Lieut. Col. Robert Blair

MY EXPERIENCES IN THE 1914 -1918 WAR By ROBERT BLAIR Lieut. Col. 1/7th Cameronians (S.R.) Croix de Guerre On 4th August 1914 I was at Troon having a round of golf and on returning to the house received a wire to “mobilise”. I came up to Glasgow on 5th August, got to my house and packed what kit I had and then reported to my Headquarters at Coplaw Street. Being the senior subultern of the battalion, I... read more

Old Lanimers

  THE following account of the incidents attending the celebration of Lanimer Day about the year 1828 has been preserved in Mr William Davidson’s ” History of Lanark ” :- ” It is observed [he says] on the day following the last Wednesday of May, old style. The morning is ushered in by boys assembling in crowds and patrolling the streets. Their first care is to get ready the... read more

Castledykes Roman Fort

The area surrounding Castledykes Roman fort is historically one of the most interesting in the whole of Scotland. This is despite the fact that very little can be seen above ground. However the story of the fort and its surroundings is beginning to emerge after almost two thousand years. This has happened as a result of academic research, fieldwalking, resistivity surveys, excavation and aerial... read more

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