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William Wallace Booklet

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William Kirkhope Russell

William Kirkhope Russell: 1887 – 1962 Brothers: Alexander James Robert Sister: Annabella Born on 18th Feb 1887@Roadmeetings Died on 6th Apr 1962@Law Hospital, Carluke 1891 Census: Living with grandfather james Kirkhope and mother Margaret, step sister Famie Stein and his other siblings 1901 Census: Living with mother margaret and siblings at Kirkton Street, Carluke, working as a message... read more


NOTES ON THE LIFE OF WILLIAM LITHGOW, TRAVELLER, 1582-1645. THOMAS RELD, M.A., ARNOLD HOUSE, LANARK. image is full copyright of The following are notes on the life of William Lithgow. The Traveller, popularly known under the sobriquet of ” Lugless Willie,” are chiefly derived : (1) from fresh material available through the publication of the Records and Charters... read more

William Wallace

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Thomas Telford in Clydesdale

    THOMAS TELFORD in CLYDESDALE                                                                                                                               Born on August 9th. 1757 in Westerkirk on the banks of the Esk a few miles from Langholm, Dumfrieshire, Thomas Telford began... read more

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