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William Wallace Booklet

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William Wallace

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William Wallace murdered Haselrigg, the English Sheriff of Lanark at the town’s Castle in May 1297. The reason for this act is the subject of dispute (possible explanations include the murder by Haselrigg of Wallace’s wife Marion Braidfute, although even this marriage is contested by some historians, it was not mentioned by Blind Harry in ‘The Wallace’ of 1506). Regardless of the why’s and... read more


Marion Braidfute, reputed to be William Wallace’s wife, was raised at the ancestral home of the Baillie Family, Lamington Tower (the remains of which are still visible on the outskirts of the village). The Marion Braidfute stories were started by the Bailie family in the 16th Century. Indications at the time of Wallace tell us that the landowners signed ‘the Ragman’s Roll’, and pledged their... read more

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