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“Fresh air, good food, regulated exercise, and rest” : Life in Bellefield Hospital for Patients in the early 20th century

    INTRODUCTION : One of the most interesting hospitals in Lanark,  Bellefield was a originally  a private house, built around 1885 by James Lawrie, a local JP and director of Lockhart Hospital.  The house was then used as a private sanatorium 1895-1904, before being bought  over by the Glasgow and West of Scotland branch of the National Association of the prevention of consumption. For a... read more

Clydesdale Inn Accounts

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Clydesdale Mills

Clydesdale’s heritage is fundamentally linked to the River Clyde.  As a source of water and food and as a communications route the river, its tributaries and their valleys have served the region since Palaeolithic times.  The waterways have also served as a major source of power.  The hydro-electric power stations at Bonnington and Stonebyres have catered for our modern power needs for almost a... read more

Clydesdale Heritage Lectures

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