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John Lawrie and the origins of Lawrie and Symington

  John Lawrie first set up business as an auctioneer in Lanark in 1840 and entered a partnership with his nephew James Symington in 1862. Business grew rapidly as auctions replaced hand-selling at fairs as the common form of agricultural exchange. On September 24th 1867, Mr Lawrie and his nephew Mr Symington held their first Livestock Sale.  Since then the Company has diversified into a number of... read more

Lanark Castle

Lanark Castle is but a shade of its former self.  Gone are the days when it was the focal point of the Upper Ward of Lanarkshire.  It is difficult to visualize what the Medieval Castle at Lanark was like because of the effect of making the Castlehill Bowling Green in the late eighteenth century.  Originally Lanark probably had a motte and bailey castle, of which only part of motte or pudding shaped... read more

Lanark’s History

Lanark’s History The Parish of Lanark covers more than ten thousand acres, much of it rich farmland. It includes both the ancient town of Lanark, one of the oldest royal burghs in Scotland, and the village of New Lanark. Lanark, a market town and the county town of Lanarkshire, is situated on high land overlooking the River Clyde. From the time of William the Lion, kings of Scotland came to hunt in... read more

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