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Old Lanimers

  THE following account of the incidents attending the celebration of Lanimer Day about the year 1828 has been preserved in Mr William Davidson’s ” History of Lanark ” :- ” It is observed [he says] on the day following the last Wednesday of May, old style. The morning is ushered in by boys assembling in crowds and patrolling the streets. Their first care is to get ready the... read more

Lanark Lanimer Queens

Click images to enlarge   Lanimer Queens 1960-1969       Lanimer Queens 1950-1959   Lanimer Queens 1940-1949   Lanimer Queens 1930-1939   Lanimer Queens 1920-1929   Lanimer Queens 1910-1919     Lanimer Queens... read more

Lanark Lanimer Maids of Honour

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