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click sound bars below to listen.. General introduction by Ed Archer chairman of LADAS   Thompson Map 1832   Blaeu Map 1650   Roy Map... read more

Thompson Map 1832

John Thomson’s map of Lanarkshire was issued in two sections in 1832 as part of a series of maps for the whole of Scotland. The detail on the maps is of great use to the local historian . The sections shown are part of the map showing the area of Lanark. Robert Owen’s Mill at New Lanark can be made out . Other features that are of interest include the Craigenhall Lime Quarries which are near... read more

Blaeu Map 1650

Blaeu was a Dutch map maker based in Amsterdam . He issued several maps of Lanarkshire in 1654 as part of his world atlas. This was popular throughout the known world and was even translated into Arabic . Blaeu’s maps are largely based on the notes taken by Timothy Pont for the creation of his map of Lanarkshire in 1596. Blaeu’s map is much clearer than Pont’s and is much easier to... read more

Roy Map 1747-55

“The Roy Military Survey of Scotland, known to its contemporaries as the ‘Great Map’, is a uniquely important historical cartographic document. It provides a uniform graphic snapshot of the entire Scottish mainland at a time when the landscape was beginning an era of rapid change.” We are currently building this post, more information on Roy’s Map will follow shortly. click... read more

Pont Map 1596

“Timothy Pont’s manuscript maps offer an astonishingly detailed picture of large parts of Renaissance Scotland. But their wealth of detail can make them difficult to interpret..” We are currently building this post, more information on Pont’s Map will follow shortly. click on images below for instant slideshow.. All images © National Library of... read more

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