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General information about maps

  Looking at Old Maps Maps are a very valuable source of information for local historians. The earliest map of Lanarkshire is the map done by Timothy Pont in 1596. This formed the basis of the Blaeu map of 1654 . Both these maps contain a great deal of useful information about Clydesdale’s farms. Maps improved greatly in quality in the late 18th century with the maps produced by General Roy. Roy was... read more

Thomson’s Lanarkshire 1832

John Thomson’s map of  Lanarkshire was issued in two sections in 1832 as part of a series of maps for the whole of Scotland. The detail on the maps is of great use to the local historian . The section shown underneath is part of the map showing the area to the east of Lanark. In the bottom left hand corner , Robert Owen’s Mill at New Lanark can be made out . Other features that are of interest... read more

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