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Graham Munro

A fascinating life story.. Click on link below to hear more… :     read more

War Memories of Lieut. Col. Robert Blair

MY EXPERIENCES IN THE 1914 -1918 WAR By ROBERT BLAIR Lieut. Col. 1/7th Cameronians (S.R.) Croix de Guerre On 4th August 1914 I was at Troon having a round of golf and on returning to the house received a wire to “mobilise”. I came up to Glasgow on 5th August, got to my house and packed what kit I had and then reported to my Headquarters at Coplaw Street. Being the senior subultern of the battalion, I... read more

Audio Introduction of Reminiscences

click sound bars below to listen.. General introduction by Ed Archer chairman of LADAS GRAHAM MUNRO... read more

Henry McMahon

HENRY McMAHON   Born in the hungry 30s 1932 to be precise this is a thatched cottage at Thankerton Toll,I remember the poles at the beginning of the war they slept on straw palansanis in a white cottage where my front bedroom is near ,and a sentry was on duty at the creamery gate After this time everyone was  supplied with a gas mask . I was of the age where I was too old for orange juice and too... read more

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