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The present Crawford Castle is built on the site of an early medieval castle constructed by the Lindsays. Much of what can now be seen was built by the Douglas family, who took over Tower Lindsay in the late 15th Century. Subsequently, its status was enhanced to that of a Royal Castle for a period of time.

Crawford Castle would have played a pivotal part in guarding the route south to Carlisle, for both the Scots  and their English adversaries  the possession of this stronghold was of vital importance.

According to Blind Harry, Wallace captured the Castle and put the English inhabitants to the sword. The story continues that he looted then torched the fortress prior to returning to Lanark.

Another interesting point in relation to the Crawford family is that Sir Reginald de Craufurd (the medieval spelling) was William Wallace’s Grandfather. However, Sir Reginald defected to the English side in March 1296, this act of treachery was suitably rewarded by a grateful Edward I, he appointed him to be the Sheriff of Ayr. Sir Reginald became a staunch supporter of the Bruces, who were keen to rid themselves of Wallace ( a supporter of their rival, John Baliol) . At the behest of the Bruces, Sir John Monteith betrayed William Wallace, his family were subsequently a signatory to the Declaration of Arbroath in 1320

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