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Mayfield Brickworks – Carluke

The photos were taken earlier on in February 2012  of the Mayfield Brickworks in Carluke. This brickworks was one of then last brickworks to make hand made bricks in Scotland . Another point of interest  about the bricks was that they were frost resistant . Much of the history and indeed archives of the brickworks has ended up with the Glasgow Industrial Society.  The brickworks were in production from 1948 till the end  the end of 2011.

Further detailed information about the Mayfield Brickworks can be acessed by looking at the Canmore website. This website is run by the Royal Commission for Ancient Monuments Scotland . The survey details are very interesting and explain a great deal about how the Mayfield brickworks were run.

A view of the brick shed and chimney behind.



Mayfield Brickworks Chimney

Map of the clay pits

Mayfield Brick works – kilns

One Response to “Mayfield Brickworks – Carluke”

  1. Avatar Richard Niven says:

    Terrible to see its all gone now. I remember as a tiny kid having a fall out with my mother and so i ran off and managed to get into the brickworks. It was late at night and I wandered all around this factory. The chaps were talking to me and even telling me about the machines. I walked around to the furnaces and remember chatting to a chap who was cementing up the entrance to the killin or whatever. It was amazing that night. Non of the workers seemed to ask what a young boy was doing wandering around here at 11pm at night. Finally at about 2am a well dressed gentleman came up to me and told me to get out the works and go home. Of course I simply did not want to go home and so just went to another area of the works where this same well dressed gentleman caught me again and told me to go home yet again. Finally at about 8am next morning I decided i best get home and confront my mother. I had been out all night watching this great factory making bricks. I was 6 years old and just loved it. On other notes, I now drive trains up the West coast Mainline and often see an old track going off just south of Carlook and realized this was once the line into the brickworks or at least I presume it was.

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