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Pettinain Parish

Pettinain is a small parish situated to the south east of Lanark.

The old village is situated on an escarpment stretching towards the bridge across the Clyde at Carstairs Junction.
Pettinain is an old settlement being referred to in several charters of David I as Pedynnane.

About 1150 David I granted the church to the monks of Dryburgh Abbey. Prior to that in 1147 David I granted his cleric Nicholas forest rights in Pettinain which had been previously held by Syrand the Priest.

The forest rights would have centered around hunting in the local forest. The forests around Lanark were popular with the Scottish kings. We know that King William the Lion came specially to Lanark to enjoy the hunting. Even as late as the fourteenth century we know that Edward I appointed a forester to look after the woods around Lanark.

After 1150 the monks of Dryburgh took over the lands of Pettinain as well as those of Imbriston/Ingelbriston. Later the monks had a grange/monastic farm here. This site is still to be identified. What relics are left of this era? Underneath one of the gravestones is a stone base for a cross. This appears to be twelfth century in date and could have come from a site half a mile to the west of the village. The old statistical account of 1794 refers to a tall cross which had been thrown from its pedestal.

There is also a grave stone which has been stuck into the south wall of the church when it was rebuilt in the seventeenth century. This grave slab has a floriated cross on it and this type of grave probably belonged to a local priest of the fourteenth century. Unfortunately due to the lack of records we do not know the names of any priests of this period.

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