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Rogers Photographers

Lanark Photographer (see Type menu for more Photographers)

Make sure you click on any image below to enlarge it and see the stunning quality of these photographs, the detail is incredible in many of them.

Scan-150211-0035 Scan-150211-0034 Scan-150212-0001Scan-150211-0033 Scan-150211-0031 Scan-150211-0030 Scan-150211-0029 Scan-150211-0028 Scan-150211-0027 Scan-150211-0026 Scan-150211-0025 Scan-150211-0024 Scan-150211-0023 Scan-150211-0022 Scan-150211-0021 Scan-150211-0020 Scan-150211-0019 Scan-150211-0018 Scan-150211-0017 Scan-150211-0016 Scan-150211-0015 Scan-150211-0014 Scan-150211-0013 Scan-150211-0012 Scan-150211-0011 Scan-150211-0010 Scan-150211-0009 Scan-150211-0008 Scan-150211-0007 Scan-150211-0006 Scan-150211-0005 Scan-150211-0004 Scan-150211-0003

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