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See New Gallery Search

See the menu option ‘Gallery‘ on the top menu bar.

This gives a search of 1000’s of our uploaded postcards, pictures, artifacts, books and documents.

The older images have only their title to describe them, but the newer images have been included from our weekly Facebook page entries and have great informative comments from our Chairman Ed Archer.

You can just browse through the images under their image type e.g. Postcards or Documents, or can click on the search button and will see all of the words found in the images title e.g. ‘Queen’ will display all images that have the word ‘Queen’ in them e.g. ‘CROWNING OF LANIMER QUEEN 1935’

A wildcard search is also available at the foot of the page where you can enter directly a word or phrase and it will search and display the results. Use your browsers back button if you get lost in the searches.

Click on an image and it will display full screen. At the bottom of the image you can enter your name and any comment you wish to be displayed along with the image for other viewers.. no need to register for the Gallery so just go ahead and comment. The Gallery will be checked for inappropriate comments of course as are all websites.

The Gallery has been designed for mobile phone viewing as well as desktop but impossible for us to test for all phone types, so please inform me of any problems you may encounter. Also given the vast Gallery content of naming images and comments within them, it would be appreciated should you find any obvious errors to inform me directly by email at:

Thank you and hope you enjoy the Gallery.

Ian Murray / Admin

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