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Thompson Map 1832

John Thomson’s map of Lanarkshire was issued in two sections in 1832 as part of a series of maps for the whole of Scotland. The detail on the maps is of great use to the local historian .

The sections shown are part of the map showing the area of Lanark. Robert Owen’s Mill at New Lanark can be made out . Other features that are of interest include the Craigenhall Lime Quarries which are near Kilncadzow ; the name has now changed from Craigenhall to Cartland Muir. The limestone mines have gone , just as Cunning Willie’s Mill near the Mouse has all but disappeared. This is just one example how names change over time. Farms too appear and disappear – Old Fulwood farm is no longer in existence but new Fulwood is still there.

Roads too have changed , one important change being the toll houses which vanished with the appearance of the railways. Thomson’s map predates the railways but it was published at a time when Telford was building a new road network between Glasgow and Carlisle. Within thirty years the railways made a serious challenge to travel by coach, which was both slow and very expensive.

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