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According to local legend, William Wallace dressed as a pedlar in order to pass a guarded crossing (‘Cadger’s Brig’) and spy on the English Army camp  before the ‘Battle of Biggar’. However, there is no evidence that there was anything other than a ford here, and  the Battle of Rosslyn happened at the same date (questioning the plausibility of the tale).Human activity dates back to 14500 BC in... read more


The site of Robert Wishart, the Bishop of Glasgow’s, castle is on the current Columbie Farm (north-north-east of Carstairs Village). In the Roman era, a military encampment was located close by at Castledykes (near Ravenstruther), with a marching camp in the grounds of Monteith House, Carstairs. Walter the Steward was granted lands here. Anglo-Norman skilled workers were brought to work on the estate,... read more


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Castlegate, Broomgate and Hyndford Place

The Castlegate is one of Lanark’s oldest streets as it was the main thoroughfare to Lanark Castle which was located at the foot.  In medieval times it was Lanark’s most imposing street, leading down to the Royal Castle. It was originally very wide as the area was the site of early medieval markets but it was divided when the Broomgatewas formed in the late eighteenth century. The medieval... read more

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